The study of sacred text, Al-Quran

The Quran is the sacred book of Islam and the eternal miracle. This is the true guide for all Muslims who seek to achieve the pleasure of Allah. This sacred book presents rules to be followed and duties that Muslims have a right relationship with God.

Why we read Quran?
The Holy Quran reading and its listening in Arabic or some other language is essential and obligatory. Listen daily Quran in Arabic and understand its true meaning through translation. Since the Quran was found in the Arabic language, the need for translation was necessary, because Islam assists the world and spread the knowledge enormously.

Muslim community has translated the Koran into English with specific interpretations and the absence of complex words. The listening and recitations of the Quran differ from one country to another in different pronunciation and different shades of the Arabic language. Despite all the meaning does not change.

God says that Muhammad did not write, he transmitted the words has its partisans who wrote his words and wrote each partisan information in its own style. We can listen to Holy Quran online through audio format which is free to listen through hundreds of sources. There are different languages in which you can recite Quran. Now Quran exist in different versions.

Facts about Quran
The Quran was written by the various partisans of Muhammad. Muhammad recited the Quran and the proponents have written in what is called the Quran. After the emigration of Muhammad, he formed a Muslim community. He began to recite the Quran and teach and guide by the Muslim rules. There are several versions of the Koran but nowadays one version is used primarily by Muslims.

Verses and Sura of Quran
Most Suras contains 286 verses and the shortest three verses. Sura is the chapters of the Quran. The Qur’an is a 114 Sura or chapters and each is composed of many verses or Ayat. Not all the chapters have the same number of Ayat. They rhyme and structure specific. The chapters are arranged by length or chronologically. Every Sura starts with the name of Allah.

What does the Quran mean?
The Quran delivers the messages of peace, forgiveness and mercy. The Quran presents the holy words of God and includes the functions of Islam and their devotion to Allah. The Quran contains and reveals the realities of the entire universe and the earth, including biology, astronomy, genetics and medical science.

Recitation of the Quran
There are instructions in the manner in which the Quran should be recited. “Tajweed” is the technique of recitation of the Quran. There are many schools and institutes where recitation is taught. And the message of the Quran and the true meaning of words is a word pronunciation and articulation is essential a specific savoire. The Quran engrave in the memory of Muslims there is a God and two kinds of people: good and bad. The Qur’an mentions that there is a judgment day then the welfare is needed.