Everyone can learn the Holy Quran through our leaning system

The daily Quran reading revive the true message of God Almighty and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and help a Muslim to bring analyze the noble rules of Islam.

Quran learning through an online source

A non biased and neutral source of information and Islamic knowledge can help a Muslim to focus on his religious believes, especially if he finds an online religious which represents the true Islamic identity without serving or following some interest groups.

We provide the best Quranic knowledge to cater the needs of those Muslims who can’t read and understand the Holy Quran in Arabic.

Tajweed and Qirat

Finding the best Tajweed teacher is not an easy task, as it’s hard to get the appropriate person for the right job. You can consult the best resource here and learn Quran in the comfort of your own home. You can decide the timings and start learning through online medium as we have the most resourceful Qaris who can teach the Holy Quran and spread the noble knowledge through e-Quran.

For every segment of the society

E-Quran and online classes are available for both male and females. The teachers who are serving the nation are highly qualified and committed to provide the best Islamic education through Noble Quran. These classes are based on interactive medium hence a student gets more chances of interacting with the tutor, if he faces some sort of difficulty during the learning process.

Arabic spoken courses

Arabic is the real scripture of the Holy Quran, and a reader can’t understand the original language of the Quran, if he is unable to understand the true meanings of the Noble Quran. So consulting an Arabic teacher is the best practice, if you care to understand the original language of the Holy Quran. Here we help readers and students to learn the basic principles of the Arabic language.

Seek guidance through live chat

You can consult our online scholars and contact them through live chat. The efficient scholars and online tutors will reply all of your queries related to Holy Quran, Tajweed and Qirat. Even you can send us an email to share your problems.

Reaching the mosques and religious institutes is not so easy for millions of Muslims. So rather visiting mosques or institutes, a student can learn the art of recitation and Tajweed at his own place. All he needs is to consult a Quran tutor who can provide him excellent knowledge regarding the basic rules of Arabic grammar and recitation.

Recitation of the Holy Quran is the basic obligation for every adult Muslim man and woman and there is no excuse for its recitation and understanding. So in order to understand it properly, a reader must know it original language and the true meaning of the Holy Scripture.

The online reading and recitation system is the emerging medium which is quite helpful for millions of Muslims to correct their knowledge and grammar. Our extensive curriculum for reading Quran understanding Arabic is one of the best source online.